7 steps to drawing for trainers

Attention trainer colleagues! You are going to love these eLearning snippets from Ole Qvist-Sørensen, a graphic facilitator for visual language and owner of the Danish visual thinking company “Bigger Picture“.

In these videos Ole demonstrates how to draw just about anything you might need for illustrating concepts, ideas and processes in just seven simple steps: 1.) People, 2.) Places, 3.) Process, 4.) Speech, 5.)  Color, 6.) Effect and 7.) All other (icons).

You will need about 30 minutes to watch all 9 videos  in one sitting (including introduction and summary). Enjoy!


Part 1: People

Part 2: Place

Part 3: Process

Part 4: Speech

Part 5: Color

Part 6: Effect

Part 7: All other (icons)

Part 1-7: Bringing it all together

Have a great weekend and CU you soon,



One response to “7 steps to drawing for trainers

  1. Jochen + Heribert Ulbing

    Hi Shailia!
    What a great drawing class!
    Thanx 4 sharing that stuff.


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