I was walking in the English Gardens in Munich when a helmet clad family of four bicycled by me. They were a fluid slanted line sloping from tall to small – papa, mama, big sister, little sister.

I hardly had time to think, “how darling”, when little sister abruptly interrupted that fine formation. First, by falling behind. Then, by falling over.

Seems gravity had been having its way with the slow-riding sister all day. Because when she got up, she kicked her unsuspecting two-wheeler, teared up and let out a piercing scream: “Ah!!! Not again!!! I didn’t wanna go biking anyway!!!”

Im Englischen GartenWe were deep in the park’s center, at least two miles from the next exit. So I felt a sense of gratitude, not being in the shoes of papa or mama, who would inevitably have to motivate little sister to rider her bike all the way home.

Just like that ride in the park, self-development and change processes are all about attitude.

If you don’t want to go biking in the first place and expect to experience a long and hard trip, you probably won’t find the journey very enjoyable. And chances are, you won’t get far before giving up – blaming gravity, your bike, your parents or whoever else you feel is responsible for your misery.

If you want to end a personal journey of improvement or change with a great result, then begin with a good attitude – reaffirming to yourself what you have always known:

  • Life is a song, a dance, a game, an adventure, …
    _______  (choose an image that inspires you and fill in the blank)
  • Every challenge, disappointment or pain is a hidden chance (to learn, grow or become something greater)
  • We have all the strengths, resources, passions and experiences we need to succeed and feel fulfilled
  • Change (in life and in business) can be easy and fun – if we remember not to take ourselves too seriously

So, ride your bicylce like the “Rockin Merritt Girls”. They definitely have the right attitude 😉

CU again soon,


[This has been an article from “Coaching A to Z”, an excerpt from Pat and Shailia’s famous and free encyclopedia of life. Look forward to more letters in the near future.]


One response to “A for ATTITUDE

  1. How dearly true! Attitude is some kind of inner present you can give to yourself for nearly everything you want to achieve. The best mental recipe to start with. I totally agree – and I already started waiting for more letters of your famous encyclopedia of life:-)

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