Today´s gratification

My gift

Pat’s perfect day today:

  • Survived a meeting I was afraid of. And performed. And reached my personal goal (yay!).
  • Didn´t use the presentation I had prepared for the meeting a week in advance. Reached my goal simply by sitting in a lounge and talking!
  • Didn´t blame myself for being nervous the night in advance.
    Even enjoyed being nervous (because it always makes me alert)!
  • Didn´t complain about not having had a minute of sleep. And didn´t try to find an answer to it (you can easily survive one night without sleep. And perform. And reach your goal. Finding a reason for it does not change it).
  • Still love myself – even though I spent about 10 hours putting together the slides.
  • Love the slides, because they were my path to not using them.
  • Love the path, because it was the experience I gave myself as a present for today!


Thanks to everyone who also joined the game of everyday life today.
I´m so curious about what you might have granted yourself  🙂


3 responses to “Today´s gratification

  1. Sounds like you’re feeling easy like Sunday morning. Congrats!

  2. I am glad to hear that the meeting went well. Sitting in a lounge sounds cool – did you also have chillout ambient music as background for the talks? 😉

  3. Bene, indeed, I´m feeling easy like sunday morning. Could be a new context for business meetings by the way. I should think about installing a ritual in the team 😉

    Pete, I like the ambient music approach. Could somebody try it out and tell the others about it?!?

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