Shailia’s 10 point travel strategy

Packed and ready to go

Packed and ready to go

These days, I spend a lot of time in airplanes, taxis and hotels. Tomorrow, I’ll be on an early flight to Vienna. Before I go, I thought I’d jot down my routine strategy for preparing, packing and dressing for mid-length trips. Maybe you’ll find something useful 🙂

D-day = Departure day / P-day = Packing day (D-day minus one)

  1. Start washing clothes one week in advance – a little each day, aiming for an empty clothes basket by P-day. This way, favorite items of clothing are clean and ready to wear.
  2. P-day: Charge up electronics (iPod!) and throw charging cables in suitcase directly after.
  3. P-day: Place Passport and driver’s license in plain sight before packing anything else. Also, take all excess cards out of wallet, only leaving an  insurance, a debit and a credit card.
  4. P-day: Check weather report for destination. Pack accordingly. Always pack a small umbrella and a couple of layers just in case. And never leave home without running shoes!
  5. P-day: Pack extra underwear. You never know 😉
  6. P-day: Check-in and book a taxi online. Choose a window seat between rows 7 and 9 – less noticeable turbulence! Taxi rates are cheaper online than at the arrival gate.
  7. D-day: Pack bathroom items (shampoo, toothbrush etc.) last – directly after using them, from hand to beauty-case so that nothing gets left behind.
  8. D-day: No such thing as having too many clothes along. BUT, watch out for the weight limits (20 kilograms inner-European) and weigh suitcase before running out the door.
  9. D-day: Dress comfortably. Avoid metal detector hassles by not wearing a belt (or under-wire bra). Also, choose shoes/jewelry not likely to set off the alarm. Don’t forget jacket or sweater for the plane ride. It can get cold!
  10. Go on a diet of no Internet and no cell phone. Get offline and into real life as much as possible. Live life fully in the moment. Notice wonderful places and people around you instead of staring into a display.


That being said…

I won’t be checking e-mails, facebooking, twittering or blogging for the next 10 to 12 days. My good friend Pat Medros will be guest blogging while I am gone. In German!

Enjoy, be well and God speed until we meet again,



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