In the beginning

there was a blog. Untouched and pristine. With every chance to become anything, at anytime. But even before it was anything at all, the newborn blog aspired to be something else, something more. Because already, it had decided it was inadequate. It was yet blank and longed to be full-up with revealing topics, matters that matter and witty discourse.

The baby blog wanted to be perfect and began to worry that it might not measure up in life. It started to feel guilty that it could be doing more, but wasn’t. Barely a day old, the little blog had already taught itself to how to feel bad. How capable!

The Makers, looking across at their afflicted creation, spoke these words of wisdom, “Little blog, take heart, you are a work in progress. At the end of the day, every day, you will be unfinished and your story ever-unfolding. Your purpose is to become and be cause. That’s it. You are perfectly imperfect. And so it should be.”

The young blog smiled, breathed a blog breathe and began to feel relief. In an instant, it had taught itself to have faith. How intelligent and adaptable!

To all of our readers: Enjoy “work in progress”, whatever it becomes.

Shailia and Pat


3 responses to “In the beginning

  1. An inspiring birth. Good luck to cute little WIP.

  2. Hey Shailia,

    congratulation to your blog birth. I’m looking forward some interesting stories with a big portion of smiling, heart and emotion, as you are 🙂


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